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3 Key Lessons of Covid-19

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The start of 2020 has had a disruptive impact with covid-19. it changes the way people and cities live and move. With this shift, the market focus is to adapt swiftly in this situation. What are the lessons we’ve learned in this pandemic? 

3 Key Lessons

#1 – Social distancing services   

In the current state of the pandemic, a global recession is imminent. Economy hardship are felt. Companies are made to structure the way they work. Businesses that pay attention to the social distancing gives out positive reinforcement to the customers. 

Social distancing = good service 

No social distancing = poor service

#2 – Be relevant and adapt fast 

Covid-19 pandemic crisis is an uncharted water for the world and is now everyone’s new reality. While we had to hit pause on businesses and activities for the past couple of months, it is now getting back to what it used to be. The so-called term “new normal”. Being relevant and adapting through this challenging time is crucial. Having to do so is by keeping up with the current needs of the community and providing solutions where it addresses the problem.    

#3 – Contactless solutions are here to stay forever 

Now that people that slowly accustomed to the new normal and going back to life, they are also opting for more contactless solution. They tend to feel safer when businesses provide this solution. Their experience would make them more likely to purchase with them again in the future. 

Holistic solution 

Technology has always kept us connected, informed, and educated, especially in this pandemic crisis – we are needing to be aware and inform at all times. Where does REL come into play in this?  

REL is a queue management company that provides holistic approach to queue journeys. Our approach bridges technology and community for the betterment. REL enables everyone to queue at a safe distance whilst also making it pleasant and seamless for them.

With our industry knowledge, we can assist you in whichever sector you are in. Contact us for more information.