Elevate your customer experience with informative and engaging digital signage solutions powered by REL Systems.

Displays for every need

REL’s digital signage range from our best-in-class wayfinding LED displays to 13”-55″-inch professional LCD displays from Samsung to ensure businesses deliver content that engages, informs, entertains, and integrates perfectly with your environment.


Digital Signage Displays

digital signage

LCD Displays

Choose from 13- to 55-inch professional LCD displays from Samsung Professional series. The displays come with Qmatic Show – a free app that enables all Qmatic digital signage functionality to be used directly via the screen’s built-in player technology.

digital signage
digital signage

Qmatic Notes

Clear direction for everyone

Qmatic LED display-series Notes provide a clear direction for your customers to ensure that they are moving in the right direction.
Notes wayfinding displays are designed and built to be versatile with high manufacturing quality for exceptional reliability. The Notes-series displays make it easy to post clear information throughout your environment and improve confidence for customers and the staff there to serve them.


  • Lightweight and easy to mount, with a single cable for signal and power
  • Customize colors to highlight messages across a single display or multiple connected displays
  • Text and messages are stored in the unit to free up memory space
  • Slightly frosted surface display to minimize reflections from sunlight and lighting
  • High contrast display that gets the message across, even at extreme angles and from a long distance, with the language of your choice.

Hub Media

A flexible, robust, and reliable media player developed and manufactured by Qmatic. The solution offers a comprehensive set of features to enable a seamless and secure digital signage experience, making it a flexible and efficient solution for demanding performance and environmental requirements.

A Hub for every need

The hub works as a gateway for all Qmatic hardware in the branch and channel all communication through one point and supports multiple customer journey management functions in one device, and comes with a range of accessories for your digital signage needs.

Why Digital Signage?

Communicate clearly and visibly with integrated media, graphics, and queue information to everyone in your service environment.

Keep visitors well informed and prepared before their turn and speed up the transaction process.

Reduce perceived and actual waiting time and delight customers with a perfect customer experience.

Increase throughput with enhanced customer flow and increase sales and boost performance.

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