Virtual Queue Solutions

Give your customers the flexibility to wait anywhere with online waiting line solutions for virtual queue.

virtual queue

The customer checks in by scanning a QR code, or they can be assisted by a mobile concierge member of staff.

Upon check-in, the customer can choose the service they require and then receives a mobile ticket, allowing them to wait anywhere until it’s their turn while monitoring the progress in the queue on their phone.

The customer gets a notification shortly before their turn, so they can start making their way to the premises.

The customer gets an alert shortly before their turn to start making their way to the premises to get served.


Let customers wait anywhere with Mobile Ticket

  • Allow customers to wait remotely while monitoring their progress in real-time on their phone
  • Send notifications when they’re next in line
  • Reduce perceived waiting time
  • Put your customers in control¬†

To get a Mobile Ticket, customers can use the self-check in link in their appointment SMS notification, or check in by scanning a QR code placed at the entrance, or via a self-service kiosk.

virtual queue


Manage customer flow and improve efficiency

  • Monitor and manage customer flow at the branch
  • Gain insights into the current branch situation with a real-time dashboard
  • Get access to the data they need to prepare for upcoming services
  • Implement safe queuing and social distancing in the branch
  • Increase staff productivity and efficiency


Gain insight to make data-driven business decisions

  • Collect and gather data to deliver a personalized, tailored customer experience
  • Manage the whole customer journey and gather intelligence within a single platform
  • Reduce on-site wait times and minimize crowd in the waiting area
  • Provide seamless experience across all channels

Virtual queue management features

Mobile ticket

Let customers queue virtually using their phones. Use a mobile ticket solution to allow customers to get in line before arriving at your branch, and keep them informed with live status updates.

Online appointment booking

Allow customers to schedule appointments online. This will give you the opportunity to plan ahead and avoid unscheduled walk-ins, while also providing better customer experience with convenience and reduced waiting time.

Staff application

Increase staff mobility and optimize your resources with our apps. With these, staff can get out from behind a counter and onto the service floor to serve visitors directly, while also having information at their fingertips.

Messaging services

Keep your visitors informed with updates and reminders throughout their customer journey. Use this messaging service for distributing contactless tickets or sending booking confirmations and appointment reminders.

Business intelligence

Get real-time information to optimize your operations, along with extensive statistics and reports to help you improve your services.

Online customer feedback

Receive feedback from customers to improve your service quality. After the visit, customers will receive an invitation for an online survey, designed for ease and convenience.

How does virtual queue solutions work?

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