Queue Ticket Kiosk

Optimize the customer flow, minimize queues and waiting time and create the perfect customer experience with REL's self-service queue ticket kiosk.

queue ticket kiosk

Designed in Sweden. Manufactured in Europe. Used Worldwide.

40 years of R&D has gone into our self-service queue ticket kiosk, making them highly reliable, interactive, and suitable for many environments and purposes. Whether it is for public offices, retail stores, financial institutions, or hospital settings, each one of our purpose-built self-service kiosks will become a valued member of your staff and enhance the customer experience.

Self-sufficiency leads to greater efficiency.

Qmatic’s Intro-series ensure everyone knows when, how and what they are supposed to be doing from the moment they walk into your premises. Everything to keep your staff well informed and your visitors in control, so that you coordinate and plan your resources more efficiently.

Queue Ticket Kiosk

Qmatic Intro 17

Reliable, Versatile, Powerful.

Qmatic Intro 17 offers a sophisticated, function-rich and fault-tolerant kiosk equipped with a 17-inch touchscreen.

From self-service and check-in to queue management, the Intro 17 puts your visitors in control the moment they enter your premises, allowing you to coordinate and reallocate resources more efficiently and effectively.

The kiosk features a wide array of compatible peripherals such as card reader, camera kit, barcode scanner and more. This allows you to create an all-in-one solution to match your unique business needs. And with versatile installation options, the kiosk blends in naturally in your service environment—on an aisle, counter or tight wall space, or integrated into a freestanding floor mount— the Intro 17 fits just about anywhere.

queue ticket kiosk
  • 17-inch color LCD with PCAP technology
  • Thermal printer
  • Premium quality aluminum case 
  • Built-in web browser 
  • Qmatic Linux Embedded Platform
  • Multi-language support
  • Built-in loudspeakers
  • Secure communication with HTTPS and SSL 
  • Support for Distributed Operations
  • Operates on all Qmatic platforms
  • Commercial grade
  • Surface editor for informative and attractive user interface designs.

Our Intro 17 kiosk is compatible with a wide array of peripherals. 

  • Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)
  • Barcode Scanner
  • NFC Card Reader
  • Keypad
  • Camera Kit
queue ticket kiosk

Qmatic Intro 8

Sleek design, market-leading performance.

Equipped with a highly responsive 8-inch touchscreen, Qmatic Intro 8 provide users with a self-service kiosk that is easy to use and where the slightest touch is immediately detected, ensuring a satisfying and intuitive experience for customers.

Thanks to its unique combination of sleek design, convenient size, and powerful functionality Qmatic Intro 8 can be found in installations across the globe and is widely used in retail stores, department stores, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, public offices, banks, and more. 

The kiosk offers many mounting options for seamless integration into all types of environments and can easily be mounted on walls, on a stand-alone pedestal, or placed on a countertop.

  • 8-inch PCAP touchscreen
  • Flexible options for services, sub-services, and languages
  • Operates on all Qmatic platforms
  • Low power consumption
  • Key lock security
  • Thermal printer
  • Support for Distributed Operations 
  • Secure communication with HTTPS and SSL
  • Multi-language support

Intro 8 is compatible with the following peripheral:

  • Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)

Qmatic Intro 5

The power of simplicity.

Qmatic Intro 5 is our most straightforward, powerful kiosk. Composed of a thermal printer, five large illuminated tactile buttons and glass-front, the Intro 5 offers a controlled set of service options and information that are easy to swap.

The kiosk’s easy-to-use design lets visitors easily and quickly select their preferred service upon arrival. And as part of Qmatic’s Intro-series, the kiosk can run on all Qmatic platforms.

The kiosk is highly reliable and designed for 24/7 usage in high-traffic environments and can easily be placed on countertops, mounted on walls or on floor stand.

queue ticket kiosk
  • Key lock security
  • Print tickets in any language
  • Backlit ticket buttons for easy visibility in bright environments
  • Low power consumption
  • Operates on all Qmatic Platforms
  • Tactile buttons
  • Ethernet connection
  • Thermal Printer
  • Supports all Windows fonts

Intro 5 is compatible with the following peripheral:

  • Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)

Key Features

From self check-in to queue management, our interactive kiosks enhance the customer flow, decrease wait time and crowds, and improve your operational efficiency while elevating the customer experience at your premises.

Improve Operations

  • Reduce waiting times and queues, and enhance customer flow
  • Segment customers to avoid unnecessary waiting
  • Free up employees to manage higher-level tasks for better service quality and optimized staff productivity
  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction

Increase Profit

  • Attract more customers and increase foot traffic
  • Match staff member to customer needs and build trust and customer loyalty
  • Reduce transaction times, walkaways and no-shows
  • Identify customers for  cross-selling and upselling

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Improve the service experience and increase customer satisfaction
  • Offer a personalized and unified experience based on service needs
  • Create a relaxed and enjoyable service environment by offering clear and visual communication to make customers feel at ease.

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