Cloud-Based Queue System

Start offering amazing customer experiences quickly and easily. REL Cloud Solutions are scalable to your needs and, for a predictable monthly fee, we’ll take care of the setup, hosting, and maintenance of your customer journey solution.

Connect your solution to the cloud

REL Cloud Solutions covers your physical, digital and omnichannel customer journeys. So whether you’re looking to operate a straightforward queuing solution or advanced customer journey management, Qmatic Cloud Solutions can be configured to match your needs perfectly:


Guarantee a smooth customer journey, from scheduling an appointment to checking in at your premises, through to service delivery and even providing feedback after the visit is completed.

Queue Management

Optimize the customer flow, minimize queues and waiting time and create the perfect customer experience.

Reporting & Analytics

Gather data from every part of the customer journey and generate comprehensive, up-to-date insights you need to make better data-driven business decisions for optimized operations.

Taking flexibility to a new level

REL Cloud Solutions offers the same extensive functionality and flexibility as Qmatic Orchestra 7, the world-leading platform for customer journey management. That means you can tailor a solution for taking good care of your customers throughout the customer journey. A journey that starts already before they arrive, and may end even after they have left your premises. By allowing swift and easy addition and removal of functionality and users, Qmatic Cloud Solutions takes flexibility and scalability to the next level.

Be ready to go in just days

Customer Journey Management software in the cloud means:

We take care of issues before you notice

We monitor potential security risks and optimize performance to ensure maximum uptime of your customer journey management solution.

Easily scale to your needs

Your Customer Journey Management solution will grow and change with you:

Low total cost of ownership

No initial investment in servers and software, no need to pay for software upgrades. And no time required for setup and maintenance. Compared to an on-premise, perpetual deployment and licensing model, Qmatic Cloud Solutions offers a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Subscribe to great customer experiences

Straightforward queuing or advanced customer journey management? Regardless of what your needs are, REL Cloud Solutions can be configured to match perfectly. So, to ensure the best possible customer journeys, simply select what functionality you need. Once you’re done with that we take care of setup, hosting and maintenance of the solution. You can place all your focus and efforts on what you do best – provide excellent service to delight your customers





Automatically run the latest functionality

At REL we constantly work on improving your Customer Journey Management solution.

Secure and robust installation

We constantly audit our systems to ensure they are secure and compliant according to the latest regulations. Our security services include:

Additionally, on request, we can take care of high availability setups, test & pre-production environments, and VPN configurations.

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