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Public Health Screening Event Queue Management

“Promoting Health, Spreading Awareness” and giving back to the local community – PHS 

Public Health Service (PHS) is a not for profit organisation that holds annual flagship health screens to the local community each year. The organisation is run by the undergraduates from National University of Singapore to educate public on good health awareness and educational programmes that ensue with it. It has been running consecutively for 10 years since it’s establishment. 

With this year, PHS held their event in Jurong East over the weekend of 12-13 October. The event is free and covers from various modalities of phlebotomy to geriatric screening. As usual, the event was filled with a number of people coming in for the health screen. 

PHS collaborates and partners up with various organisations each year to hold the event – raising awareness and educating the public on health related topics. REL Systems is one of the few companies to have partnered up with PHS. 

REL Systems provides the queue system to PHS for efficiency of crowd control on event day. This ensures the public’s journey to be made in a seamless one along with the efforts of PHS services. With crowd flow under control, PHS is able to focus its resources more efficiently on serving the local community. This also means that the local community are able to enjoy their day as knowing that the  queue is organized and structured.